We always encourage our clients to visit our showroom because our entire inventory is not online.  Why?  Because we have over 100,000 items!  Take your time, choose the items you’d like to have for your photo shoot, film, or event.  If you are looking for something online, email us a wish list, include item numbers at, we will check the availability and get back to you within 24 hours.  

All rental orders are weekly, if you would like to return sooner than a week it is still the same price.  If you would like to hold on to an order for over a week, that's okay, we charge 10% of the rental fee per business day.  All items over $100 are 20% of the rental price per business day. 

Longer term rentals are possible. Ask for special pricing.

When you are ready to confirm your items we will pack your order and let you know when to send a messenger for pick-up.  

We recommend clients to come in at least 2 or 3 days prior to your shoot if you will be pulling over 15 items.  Why?  Because, there may be orders ahead of you that are already on the schedule.


We like to keep things in the best possible condition, but all items are rented “as is.”  If you are having conditional concerns, we highly recommend that you come in to view the item in person.


We do not have our own delivery service, but we are more than happy to recommend our friends over at Fleet Trucking.  A family business!  Set up an account easily over the phone.  Fleet Trucking: 718-438-7511.

After confirmation, all rentals are prepared and protectively wrapped at the Haus prior to pick up. We expect our items to return in the same fashion to keep them safe and damage free.

Missing moving blankets will be charged for at a rate of $40 per blanket or otherwise noted.


We accept all major credit cards.  Payment must be received before your order leaves the Haus.  We no longer accept Net 30 payment method.  Why?  As we are a small independently owned business, the Net 30 payment method does not work in our favor.

No refund will be issued once rentals have left the Haus.

Rentals that are confirmed and then canceled before pickup are subject to a 50% restocking fee.  Why?  Because we have already taken the time to pack and process your order.

Occasionally items are damaged before a confirmed order is scheduled for pick up. In those rare occasions, we will make every effort to find a replacement or provide a refund for the paid rentals.



If you need to purchase an item for your project, just ask. We will consider selling inventory items on a piece-by-piece basis.


Did you break something?  That's okay, we understand.  It happens.  

Always return the item back to us (yes, even though it is broken!).  Please notify us when it breaks by emailing us a photo as soon as it happens.  We will assess, notify you what the replacement or repair cost is, and send you an invoice as soon as possible.

Lost?  Yes, this happens, too.  You left it on location somewhere you'll never return!

Let us know immediately, a lost invoice will follow.  Lost item invoices are steep.  Why?  The reason is because we have clients that rely on our inventory, when something is lost and cannot be replaced or repaired it affects our clients' relationship to our inventory.


In lieu of a security deposit, we require a credit card to keep on file for any missing, destroyed, or damaged items as well as any cleaning fees and/or overdue rentals.  Customer is responsible for any damage to items.  Damages may be billed as either a repair, cleaning fee, or an amount for depreciation up to the full cost--if destroyed.


Yes, pulling props is overwhelming!  We will gladly prep orders for you and charge 30% on top of the total rental fee.  If you're looking for a prop stylist, we have many recommendations as well.

Need an assistant?  Email us and we'll hook you up!  

i'm obsessed

Are you in love with an item from our collection and want it for yourself?  We get it... we will tell you where we got it from!


Trying to unload an accumulation of stuff?  Been there.  Send us photos and prices to 


Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, no freight elevator hours!


Prop Haus offers internships throughout the year.  Email for more information!